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The Bottom Line.

  • Nature’s Script offers CBD products in multiple potencies and flavors.
  • All products are made in the USA with 100% sustainably grown, organic, American hemp.
  • Nature’s Script provides full transparency into product quality control and testing, providing full test results and certificates of analysis on their website.

General Overview


  • Wide array of products and potencies to meet a range of needs and preferences
  • Products available in smaller quantities, giving customers a chance to try out different options without investing in a larger supply
  • Third-party testing transparency, with lab results published on their website
  • Discount programs for seniors, veterans, and first responders
  • Excellent customer service


  • Limited selection of flavors for e-liquid and oils
  • Edible products can have a medicinal/herbal flavor that isn’t appealing to everyone
  • Some products contain artificial flavors and other additives

Quick Summary

Launched in 2018, Nature’s Script entered the CBD product industry with one goal: Offer the highest quality products, with full transparency about the ingredients and testing. They use organically certified, American-grown hemp to produce their CBD products. Today they have a diverse product line, offering CBD oils, capsules, e-liquid, gummies and more.

Take a Look at the Nature’s Script Product Line Up

  • CBD GummiesNature’s Script CBD Gummies offer a pre-measured dose of CBD in a convenient chewy candy. They are available in high potency 25 mg, 15 mg, and 15 mg melatonin-enhanced sleep varieties. Additional edible options include fruit-punch flavored CBD syrup and a “CBD Relaxation Shot.”
  • CBD Oil – Nature’s Script CBD Oil is available in potencies ranging from 300 mg – 4,000 mg, in watermelon or peppermint flavor.
  • CBD E-Liquid – Nature’s Script CBD e-liquid can be used in your favorite vape pen. It’s available in 75 mg, 300 mg, or 1,000 mg doses, and three flavors: blueberry jam, mango, and watermelon.
  • CBD Capsules – Easy-to-digest capsules are available in 15 mg and high-potency 25 mg options. Like the gummies, capsules offer a convenient pre-measured dose of CBD.
  • CBD Topicals – Combining 50 or 100 mg of CBD with camphor, menthol, and other soothing ingredients, Nature’s Script pain rub is a topical gel designed to provide a cooling sensation. They also offer a variety of CBD patches and CBD essential oil rollers.
  • CBD Pet Oil – Designed specifically for pets, Nature’s Script CBD pet oil is available in 125 mg, 300 mg, and 1,000 mg strengths, and chicken or beef flavors.

Technical Details

Nature’s Script Product Offerings

CategoryOilsTopicalsGummiesCapsulesPet OilVape Liquid
Concentration300/600/1000/2000/4000 mg/ML50/100 mg15/25 mg15/25 mg125/300/1000 mg/mL75/300/1000 mg/mL
CBD Extraction MethodCrystalline IsolateCrystalline IsolateCrystalline IsolateCrystalline IsolateCrystalline IsolateCrystalline Isolate
Appearance and FlavorThe oil is thin and available in peppermint and watermelon flavors.Nature’s Script CBD Pain Rub is made with menthol and camphor, so it provides a cooling sensation with a slightly medicinal smell, but it is not greasy or oily.These CBD gummies are sweet fruit-flavored chewy bears that may have a slightly herbal taste for some users.Capsules only need to be swallowed with a large sip of water, and do not have any flavor or aftertaste; because they are made from plant-based materials, they are easy to digest.The oil is thin and available in chicken or beef flavor.Available in 3 flavors: blueberry jam, juicy watermelon, and fresh mango.
THC Content<.3% THC<.3% THC<.3% THC<.3% THC<.3% THC<.3% THC
Ideal CustomerCustomers who want to customize and control their dosing of CBD, and avoid products with additional ingredients prefer oils.Customers who do not want to use CBD internally prefer topicals.Customers who want a convenient way to take a consistent and measured dose of CBD may prefer gummies.Customers who dislike the taste of CBD oils or gummies prefer capsules, which can be easily swallowed with water.Pet owners who want to give CBD to their dogs.E-liquids are designed for customers who wish to breathe in CBD via vaping.

Materials and Sourcing

Nature’s Script uses American-grown, organic-certified industrial hemp for its CBD extract. The company works with farmers who are experts in hemp growing and the hemp industry, and who are committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

The CBD isolate is extracted via a CO2 process,which involves removing the oil from the hemp plants and allowing it to cool. This ensures that the CBD is isolated from the other cannabinoids in the plant. When it cools, the oil forms crystals, which are then crushed into powder and that is added to the CBD products. All of this takes place in Nature’s Script’s Florida facility.

Third Party Testing

Nature’s Script conducts third-party testing on all of its products in order to comply with Florida regulations regarding hemp-extracted CBD oil, and to ensure that their offerings are of the highest possible quality, with less than .3% THC and zero contaminants that aren’t safe for humans.

All of their products are manufactured in house, and tested by third party labs, Florida-based Green Scientific Labs and Phoenix, AZ-based Desert Valley Testing. Although testing results for the company’s CBD oil and individual products are currently available on its website, Nature’s Script also has plans to add scannable QR codes to all product packaging. These codes will connect customers directly to the product lab results page and provide information about the products’ manufacturing and potency.

Flavor and Appearance

CBD oils that don’t have added flavors tend to have a strong hemp flavor, usually described as earthy or herbal, which aren’t always appealing. Nature’s Script CBD Oil is available in peppermint or watermelon flavors to counteract that taste. The oil itself has a thin consistency, with a slightly yellow color.

The crystalline isolate CBD used in Nature’s Script also adds some hemp flavor to the gummy candies. The Nature’s Script gummies do have more of a hemp flavor than other brands, which have a stronger sweet or fruity flavor. Customers who don’t care for the flavor of the chewy gummies may prefer the controlled dosage option of capsules, which are made from plant-based materials and can be taken with water and don’t have any flavor or aftertaste.

Nature’s Script CBD pain rub is made with menthol and camphor to create a cooling sensation, so it does have a strong medicinal smell. However, the cream is not greasy or thick, and you only need to use a small amount, so the scent fades fairly quickly.


Because it is extracted from hemp, and not marijuana, Nature’s Script CBD oil and products never exceed 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis, so they will not produce a “high” feeling. Most of their products do not contain even trace amounts of THC.

Nature’s Script states that using their products will not cause you to fail a drug test, and all of their products meet federal guidelines. As with other CBD products, Nature’s Script products are popular among people looking to reduce stress and relax, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce pain and inflammation, without uncomfortable side effects.

Pricing and Discounts

ProductStandard PricePrice with Discount
Nature’s Script CBD Gummies$14.99/5 (15 mg)
$34.99/15 (15 mg)
$59.99/30 (15 mg)
$99.99/60 (15 mg)
$11.99 (15 mg)
$27.99 (15 mg)
$47.99 (15 mg)
$79.99 (15 mg)
High Potency CBD Gummies$19.99/5 (25 mg)
$139.99/60 (25 mg)
$15.99 (25 mg)
$111.99 (25 mg)
Sleep Gummies$14.99/5 (15 mg)$11.99 (15 mg)
Nature’s Script CBD E-Liquid$14.99/16.5 mL (75 mg)
$49.99/60 mL (300 mg)
$99.99/60 mL (1000 mg)
$11.99 (15 mg)
$39.99 (300 mg)
$79.99 (1000 mg)
Nature’s Script CBD Oil$49.99/30 mL (300 mg)
$74.99/30 mL (600 mg)
$99.99/30 mL (1000 mg)
$169.99/30 mL (2000 mg)
$299.99/30 mL (4000 mg)
$39.99 (300 mg)
$59.99 (600 mg)
$79.99 (1000 mg)
$135.99 (2000 mg)
$239.99 (4000 mg)
CBD Capsules$14.99/5 (15 mg)
$34.99/15 (15 mg)
$59.99/30 (15 mg)
$99.99/60 (15 mg)
$11.99 (15 mg)
$27.99 (15 mg)
$47.99 (15 mg)
$79.99 (15 mg)
High Potency CBD Capsules$139.99/60 (25 mg)$111.99 (25 mg)
CBD Syrup$19.99/4 oz. (100 mg)$15.99 (100 mg)
CBD Pain Rub$14.99/1 oz. (50 mg)
$39.99/1 oz. (100 mg)
$11.99 (50 mg)
$31.99 (100 mg)
Nature’s Script CBD Pet Oil$29.99/2.88 oz. (125 mg)
$49.99/2.88 oz. (300 mg)
$99.99/2.88 oz. (1000 mg)
$23.99 (125 mg)
$39.99 (300mg)
$79.99 (1000 mg)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

Nature’s Script ships products to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, APO/FPO military addresses, and internationally. Most shipments to arrive within 5-10 business days, but you have the option of expedited shipping if you order on a weekday before 2 p.m. Shipments to military and international addresses can take up to 4-6 weeks, and expedited shipping is not an option. Due to Canadian laws, Nature’s Script cannot ship to Canadian addresses, and packages will not be allowed through customs.

Nature’s Script doesn’t process or ship orders on weekends or major holidays. Shipping costs are determined by package weight and destination.

Products may be returned within 30 days for your money back. Call customer service at 1-800-589-9098 or use the online contact form to request a refund. If you purchase a Nature’s Script product from a third-party retailer, it must be returned to that store in accordance with their policies.

Company Information

Company History
Florida-based Nature’s Script launched in 2018, and is committed to offering high-quality hemp extract products.

Physical Stores
Nature’s Script does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations. Products are sold online on the company website, and through independent stores and distributors.

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