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The Bottom Line.

  • cbdMD offers a variety of concentrations that cater to users with different needs.
  • cbdMD offers affordable prices and free shipping for their 100% organic CBD products.
  • With one of the most impressive product lineups we’ve seen, cbdMD leads the industry in both number of products available and range of concentrations.

General Overview


  • Variety of concentrations cater to CBD users with differing needs
  • Large selection of CBD pet products
  • Extracted from 100% organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Mostly vegan, organic, and gluten-free ingredients
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping


  • Limited third-party lab results
  • Individuals with coconut allergies should avoid tinctures and capsules, as they use MCT oil as a base
  • Customer service hours aren’t listed

Quick Summary

cbdMD is a CBD brand focused on providing high-quality, completely THC-free CBD oils to the people who may need them, from those coping with severe insomnia or anxiety to pet owners and the occasional user.

cbdMD offers CBD oils, edibles, topicals, vape oils, and products for pets in a wide range of concentrations. As part of their commitment to quality, cbdMD extracts their CBD exclusively from 100% organic, American grown hemp. Additional ingredients are also typically organic, vegan, and gluten-free, and everything is tested by a third-party lab for safety and purity.

The cbdMD product line is varied, both in the wide range of concentrations available, as well as the number of products. The company stands out for offering a high-quality product — both their hemp and nearly all of their other ingredients are organic, vegan, and gluten-free — for a very affordable price. At $0.05 to $0.10 per milligrams, it’s one of the most competitively-priced CBD brands out there.

  • CBD Oil Tincture Drops. cbdMD sells CBD oil tinctures in six strengths ranging from 300 to 7500 milligrams, so it’s easy for customers to find the dose of CBD they need. Each tincture can be purchased unflavored, or in a flavored version derived from mint, orange, or berry extract.
  • CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops. In addition to their traditional tinctures, cbdMD also sells a 500 milligrams Sleep Aid formula. Each serving includes 16.6 milligrams of CBD, 5 milligrams of melatonin, and a 250 milligram blend of passion flower, valerian root, chamomile flower, and lemon balm extracts.
  • CBD Oil Capsules. cbdMD sells CBD capsules in five strengths. Each capsule contains between 15 to 50 milligrams of CBD, with a base of MCT oil.
  • CBD Gummies. cbdMD gummies are available in two strengths: 10 milligrams or 25 milligrams per gummy (available in 300 or 750 milligram bottles, each with 30 gummies). The bottles contain a mix of gummy flavors, including orange, strawberry, and raspberry. The gummies do include some artificial flavoring, but all other ingredients are organic.
  • CBD Freeze Pain Relief. One of cbdMD’s three topical CBD products, their Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief can be purchased as a gel roller or squeeze lotion. Ingredients include menthol, aloe vera extract, ilex paraguariensis leaf extract, and tea tree oil. It’s available in three strengths: 300 milligrams, 750 milligrams, and 1500 milligrams.
  • CBD Inflammation Formula. Another topical CBD product, cbdMD’s Inflammation Formula is a topical cream made up of CBD, vitamin B6, arnica, and other essential oils to relieve pain and inflammation. It’s available in three strengths: 300 milligrams, 750 milligrams, and 1500 milligrams.
  • CBD Moisturizing Lotion. This CBD lotion is also available in three strengths: 300 milligrams, 750 milligrams, and 1500 milligrams. Additional ingredients include aloe vera and coconut oil.
  • CBD Bath Bombs. Each cbdMD bath bomb combines 100 milligrams of CBD with one of several essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, or frankincense).
  • CBD Oil for Animals. cbdMD sells various strengths of their CBD pet tinctures, ranging from 300 milligrams to 3000 milligrams, to serve a variety of canine, feline, and equine needs. The tinctures are available in three different flavors (peanut butter, catnip, and apple) to appeal to different pets’ appetites.
  • CBD Dog Treats. In addition to their CBD tinctures for dogs, cbdMD also sells baked CBD dog treats, which contain 5 milligrams, 10 milligrams, or 25 milligrams of CBD each.

cbdMD’s higher-potency tinctures (1500 milligrams and up) are popular with people alleviating chronic conditions, while those taking CBD for general wellness may prefer their lower-strength tinctures or gummies.

cbdMD’s topicals have two intended use cases: pain relief or skincare. The freeze pain relief formula is popular with users looking for post-exercise relief, while the inflammation formula may be useful for more general pain relief. The moisturizing lotion, on the other hand, is popular as part of a skincare and wellness routine.

cbdMD is also a favorite among pet owners, as they stand out for offering not just a few token “pet” CBD products, but multiple pet tinctures formulated for different animals (cats, dogs, and horses) and in a variety of strengths.

Technical Details

What You Need to Know About cbdMD CBD Oils

Product Offerings

CategoryTincturesCapsulesTopicalsGummiesPet Oils
100mg (bath bombs only)
150mg 300mg 750mg 1500mg
CBD Extraction MethodBroad SpectrumBroad SpectrumBroad SpectrumBroad SpectrumBroad Spectrum
Appearance and FlavorClear oil available unflavored or in mint, orange, or berry flavors.Whitish oral capsules contain no flavor.Topical creams have a white, lotion-like consistency, while the gel roll-on is transparent. Bath bombs have distinct colors which match the essential oil.Colorful appearance to match the different flavors (orange, strawberry, raspberry, tropical).Oil is flavored to suit your pet’s palate (peanut butter for dogs, catnip for cats, and apple for horses).
THC Content0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC
Ideal CustomerThese oils come in a wide range of concentrations to serve users with varying needs.cbdMD capsules are a good choice for those who want a flavorless way to take their CBD, like a daily vitamin.Freeze and Inflammation topicals are intended for pain relief, while moisturizing lotion is intended for daily use. Bath bombs can be a relaxing addition to a bath.These fruity gummies are ideal for those who want a tasty way to enjoy their CBD.Pet owners can choose the best tincture for their pet, based on type of animal and the animal’s personal preferences.

Materials and Sourcing

cbdMD extracts their CBD from hemp grown on local farms in Kentucky. All of the hemp is 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan-certified. Throughout the year, cbdMD tests the soil pH levels on their hemp farms to ensure ideal growing conditions.

Once they’ve sourced their hemp, cbdMD begins the extraction process to create their CBD oils. The company is somewhat unique in using a hybrid broad-spectrum extraction process. This involves three stages.

First, the company extracts CBD using CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is considered the most effective and safest CBD extraction method, as it ensures a high concentration of CBD in the final extract, without the presence of toxic substances, harmful pesticides, or residual solvents. CO2 extraction also maintains a rich cannabinoid profile in the final hemp extract — one that includes multiple cannabinoids besides CBD (like CBG, CBDV, and THC), amino acids, beneficial terpenes, and essential oils. Together, these natural plant materials are believed to enhance the effectiveness of CBD, through what’s known as the “entourage effect.”

However, a full-spectrum hemp extract (like the one produced through CO2 extraction) also contains THC, albeit in small, fully legal amounts of 0.3% or less. Because cbdMD understands several consumers may not want THC in their CBD products, they submit their oils to an additional stage of processing. During this stage, the company produces a CBD isolate, which contains 99% pure CBD and no other cannabinoids.

Finally, cbdMD infuses that CBD isolate back into the hemp extract (in which they’ve removed the THC, but have kept the rest of the cannabinoid and terpene profile intact). The final result is a “broad-spectrum” CBD extract which contains high amounts of CBD, along with other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils — but absolutely no THC.


cbdMD tests all of their products using third-party lab, SC Laboratories. In their analysis, the lab confirms the potency of CBD and other cannabinoids, and assesses the product for safety (ensuring there are no metals, toxins, pesticides, or residual solvents present).

On their website, cbdMD only displays a single lab test result — that of their CBD isolate. They do not share the final lab results for their products after the isolate has been re-added to the broad-spectrum extract. They also make this lab result difficult to find, and they don’t include the latest lab certificate in their product packaging — as some other CBD brands do.

Flavor and Appearance

The CBD oil in cbdMD’s tinctures is clear and transparent. The unflavored versions maintain hemp’s natural, earthy flavor, while the flavored varieties do a pretty decent job at masking it. For example, the Mint flavor tastes like mint, but has a bit of an earthy aftertaste to it.

cbdMD’s gummies pack in a much stronger flavor than their tinctures. It’s a bit difficult at first to distinguish the different flavors with the gummies (particularly the orange and tropical, which are essentially just two different shades of orange), but they all taste like the advertised flavor. The gummies are shaped like cubes and dusted in organic sugar.

cbdMD’s topical creams and gels are smooth and rub in easily, without leaving an oily or greasy residue. The CBD Freeze Pain Relief activates upon touch, with a marked cooling sensation thanks to the included menthol. The scent of menthol is strong with that topical, while the other two topicals (the Moisturization and Inflammation formulas) have light, fresh smells.


Many CBD products are either full-spectrum hemp extracts (which include up to 0.3% THC, along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and amino acids naturally found in the hemp plant) or CBD isolates (which contain 99% pure CBD and nothing else).

cbdMD bucks the trend by offering the best of both worlds. All cbdMD products combine a 99% pure CBD isolate with a broad-spectrum hemp extract which contains all the beneficial plant materials — but 0% THC.

This makes their products are popular with a wide range of users, particularly those who want to want the therapeutic benefits of a full-spectrum hemp extract, but without any THC. While the small amount of THC that’s included in a full-spectrum hemp extract is not enough to produce the ethereal high associated with marijuana, it may cause a false positive on a drug test for marijuana.

Pricing and Discounts

ProductStandard PricePrice with Discount
CBD Tincture Drops$29.99 (300mg/30ml)
$69.99 (750mg/30ml)
$99.99 (1500mg/30ml)
$149.99 (3000mg/30ml)
$239.99 (5000mg/30ml)
$339.99 (7500mg/30ml)
$75.99 (1000mg/60ml)
$99.99 (1500mg/60ml)
$25.49 (300mg/30ml)
$59.49 (750mg/30ml)
$84.99 (1500mg/30ml)
$127.49 (3000mg/30ml)
$203.99 (5000mg/30ml)
$288.99 (7500mg/30ml)
$64.59 (1000mg/60ml)
$84.99 (1500mg/60ml)
CBD PM Tincture Drops$44.99 (500mg/30ml)$38.24 (500mg/30ml)
CBD Capsules$35.99 (15mg/30ct)
$75.99 (33.3mg/30ct)
$99.99 (50mg/30ct)
$75.99 (16.6mg/60ct)
$99.99 (25mg/60ct)
$149.99 (50mg/60ct)
$30.59 (15mg/30ct)
$64.59 (33.3mg/30ct)
$84.99 (50mg/30ct)
$64.59 (16.6mg/60ct)
$84.99 (25mg/60ct)
$127.49 (50mg/60ct)
CBD Gummies$29.99 (10mg/30ct)
$69.99 (25mg/30ct)
$25.49 (10mg/30ct)
$59.49 (25mg/30ct)
CBD Freeze Pain Relief$29.99 (300mg/3oz)
$69.99 (750mg/3oz)
$99.99 (1500mg/3oz)
$25.49 (300mg/3oz)
$59.49 (750mg/3oz)
$84.99 (1500mg/3oz)
CBD Inflammation Formula$29.99 (300mg/2oz)
$69.99 (750mg/4oz)
$99.99 (1500mg/4oz)
$25.49 (300mg/2oz)
$59.49 (750mg/4oz)
$84.99 (1500mg/4oz)
CBD Moisturizing Lotion$29.99 (300mg/2oz)
$69.99 (750mg/4oz)
$99.99 (1500mg/4oz)
$25.49 (300mg/2oz)
$59.49 (750mg/4oz)
$84.99 (1500mg/4oz)
CBD Bath Bombs$9.99 (100mg each)
$44.99 (6-pack)
$8.49 (100mg each)
$38.24 (6-pack)
CBD Oil for Animals$19.99 (150mg/30ml)
$29.99 (300mg/30ml)
$69.99 (750mg/30ml)
$99.99 (1500mg/30ml)
$149.99 (3000mg/30ml)
$16.99 (150mg/30ml)
$25.49 (300mg/30ml)
$59.49 (750mg/30ml)
$84.99 (1500mg/30ml)
$127.49 (3000mg/30ml)
CBD Dog Treats$19.99 (5mg/30ct)
$29.99 (10mg/30ct)
$69.99 (25mg/30ct)
$16.99 (5mg/30ct)
$25.49 (10mg/30ct)
$59.49 (25mg/30ct)
CBD Pet Companion Box$39.98 to $175.98 (2 30ml tinctures)$33.98 to $149.58 (2 30ml tinctures)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

cbdMD offers free shipping for to all 50 states, regardless of the order amount. Orders are shipped via UPS and arrive within 3 to 7 days. Customers can also upgrade to expedited shipping for either $4.95 (UPS Ground, 3 to 5 business days) or $7.95 (UPS Select, 2 to 3 business days).

Currently, cbdMD only ships within the U.S., although that may be changing soon as they’ve already set up an international office based out of Northern Ireland.

With their free shipping and low cost per milligram, cbdMD products are very affordable. However, the company also runs regular promotions. For example, at the time of writing, their 750 milligram gummies were available for $10 off. cbdMD also sells a Companion Box which includes a tincture for you and your pet, at 20% off the regular price. And under their 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your order, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

cbdMD does not operate any brick and mortar stores. They sell their products through their website, or via their bulk and wholesale partners.

Company Information

Company History
cbdMD launched in 2015. The company operates their U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, NC, with an international office in Northern Ireland.

BBB Rating
cbdMD doesn’t have a rating with the Better Business Bureau at this time.

Physical Stores
cbdMD does not operate any brick and mortar locations. Their products are available exclusively online.

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[email protected] | 1-800-973-3984 | cbdmd.com

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