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The Bottom Line.

  • CBDistillery offers an assortment of lab-tested CBD products including tinctures, topicals, capsules and vape oils.
  • They offer both full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil.
  • Most of their products come in a variety of dosages, ranging from 150mg all the way to 5000mg.

General Overview


  • A variety of CBD products to choose from.
  • Available online and in stores.
  • Wide variety of options, such as capsules, soft-gels, and gummies, for those who are new to CBD usage.
  • CBDistillery is very transparent about ingredients and third-party lab testing.
  • Multiple products with 0% THC for those who prefer this option.


  • Possible shipping delays depending on when you order (particularly around the holidays).
  • Droppers are a little flimsy so it can be easy to waste the product.
  • Some contact information, such as mailing address and phone number, isn’t easy to find.

Quick Summary

CBDistillery was formed by passionate Colorado natives who banded together in 2016 with the mission to make CBD widely available at an affordable price. Not only is CBDistillery passionate about its various offerings, but the company is also at the forefront of the effort to de-stigmatize CBD. For its part in promoting a transparent, professional image, CBDistillery is a member of the National Hemp Association (NHA) and offers lab test results through ProVerde Laboratories for all of its products.

In addition to CBD oils, CBDistillery provides easy-to-consume capsules and soft-gels, gummies, vape oils, topicals, and isolate powders. CBDistillery also offers products for pets.

Please read our review to better understand CBDistillery’s different product offerings and which ones are right for you.

Take a Look at the CBDistillery Product Line Up

  • CBD Tincture. CBDistillery provides cannabidiol oils in options ranging from 250mg to 5,000mg. Customers can choose between full-spectrum oils and THC-free oils.
  • CBD Pet Tincture. Full-spectrum cannabidiol oil for your pet is available in a 150mg bottle.
  • 99+% Pure CBD Isolate (Crystalline and Formulation Powders). Special powder versions of CBDistillery’s potent CBD that are ideal for use as an ingredient in recipes.
  • CBD Topicals CBDistillery has a salve, skin cream, and lip balm available for topical usage.
  • CBD Gummies. An easy edible option for anyone who wants a simple way to consume CBD.
  • CBD Pill and Softgel Capsules. Easy-to-swallow capsules, available in vegetarian pill and gelatin softgel form.
  • CBD Vape Oils. CBDistillery offers cartridges as well as pens. Please note these are for customers 21 and older.

CBDistillery’s variety of offerings are meant to appeal to both seasoned CBD consumers and those who are just starting out. The brand offers CBD-based products derived from two distinct processes. There’s the CO2 extraction process and the isolate process that eliminates all traces of plant-based materials except for CBD. While many CBD users prefer the full-spectrum version, CBD isolate is attractive to those who prefer a THC-free product.

CBDistillery customers use their products as part of skin care routines, to improve sleep, and for potential pain relief.

Technical Details

What You Need to Know About CBDistillery CBD Oils

Product Offerings

CategoryTincturesTopicalsCapsulesPowdersGummiesVape Oils
Concentration5mg of CBD per mL500mg of CBD per container (salve and skin care cream); 25 mg (lip balm)25 to 30mg of CBD per pill or softgel capsuleVery high concentration30 mg per gummy200 mg of CBD
CBD Extraction MethodFull-spectrum; Crystalline IsolateExtracted from the aerial parts of the hemp plantFull-spectrum or isolateIsolate extractionIsolateExtracted from aerial parts of hemp plant
Appearance and FlavorA natural hemp flavor, yellowish translucent appearanceA yellowish, creamy textureA mildly yellow but mostly clear capsule; clear capsuleWhitish powder that’s odorless and tastelessVariety of fruity flavorsLiquid solutions that are available in a variety of flavors, colors, and scents
THC Content0.3% THC; 0% THC0% THC<0.3%; 0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC
Ideal CustomerThose who want a more natural CBD product, free of additives and artificial flavors.Anyone interested in improving their skin health.Anyone who wants to ingest CBD without worrying about mixing oils or dealing with messy oil spills.People who like making their own CBD oils or recipes.Ideal for on-the-go CBD users.Best for CBD users over the age of 21 who enjoy vaping their product.

Materials and Sourcing

CBDistillery develops its cannabidiol from organic, non-GMO hemp grown on Colorado farms. Their full-spectrum CBD oils contain fatty acid Omega 3, B complex vitamins, and all 20 essential amino acids. There are trace amounts of THC, but levels are lower than 0.3%. In addition to providing organic CBD, CBDistillery’s products tend to be either vegan or vegetarian-friendly. The brand is U.S. Hemp Authority certified, a National Hemp Association member and part of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable.

Third-Party Testing

Transparency is very important to CBD customers, who want to ensure they’re getting the best quality product possible. CBDistillery values consumer trust and goes the distance to make sure customers know as much about the products they buy as possible. Their products are tested through ProVerde Laboratories; the results of the lab tests are available on every single product page.

Additionally, CBDistillery consistently details the product ingredients so that you know exactly what goes into each item.

Flavor and Appearance

The flavor and appearance of CBDistillery products will depend on a few factors. For instance, their full-spectrum CBD tincture has a deep yellow translucent color with a distinct hemp flavor. However, the isolate oil is colorless with a mild, less distinct flavor; it’s fairly odorless as well. The isolate powders are also flavorless and odorless, which is what makes them so ideal as a recipe ingredient.

If you want the CBD experience without the traditional flavor, you can avoid it by chosing a pill or softgel capsule. For a sweeter experience, CBDistillery gummies offer a fruity taste, including grape and fruit juice flavors.

Not all of CBDistillery’s products are made for ingestion. Their skin cream is smooth and it readily absorbs into your skin. The salve does as well, but while the cream is recommended for improving overall skin health, most customers use the salve to ease minor aches and pains. The cream, salve, and lip balm help to prove the versatile nature of CBD-based products.


CBDistillery provides varying levels of cannabidiol in its products in an effort to provide options for both long-time and first-time CBD customers. For instance, CBDistillery’s 250 mg bottles of full-spectrum tincture offer just 8mg of CBD per serving. By comparison, CBDistillery’s 2500 mg bottles are labeled “extra strength” and provide 83 mg of CBD per serving.

A new CBD customer would likely prefer to start out with CBDistillery’s 250mg and 500mg oils as they have considerably lower concentrations than the 2500mg and 5000mg bottles. The capsules and gummies offer between 25mg and 30mg per serving, which offers a moderate CBD dosage. While it’s true the larger bottles have a greater concentration of CBD, they’re also designed with savings in mind. By buying the larger CBD tinctures, it may mean less money spent in the long-run as the contents last longer before needing to be replaced.


ProductStandard PricePrice w/ Discount (16% Off)
CBD (Full-Spectrum) Tincture$29.00 (250mg)
$45.00 (500mg)
$70.00 (1000mg)
$155.00 (2500mg)
$260.00 (5000mg)
$24.65 (250mg)
$38.25 (500mg)
$59.50 (1000mg)
$131.75 (2500mg)
$221.00 (5000mg)
THC Free Pure CBD Tincture$29.00 (250mg)
$42.00 (500mg)
$65.00 (1000mg)
$120.00 (2500mg)
$24.65 (250mg)
$35.70 (500mg)
$55.25 (1000mg)
$102.00 (2500mg)
CBD Pet Tincture$30.00 (150mg)
$44.00 (600mg)
$25.50 (150mg)
$37.40 (600mg)
CBD Isolate Powder (Crystalline) $20.00 (0.5g)
$40.00 ( 1g)
$120.00 (3.5g)
$210.00 (7g)
$420.00 (14g)
$17.00 (0.5g)
$34.00 ( 1g)
$102.00 (3.5g)
$178.50 (7g)
$357.00 (14g)
CBD Pill Capsules$60.00 (30 count, 25mg)$51.00 (30 count, 25mg)
CBDol Topical Salve$60.00 (500mg)$51.00 (500mg)
CBD Isolate Gummies$70.00 (30 count, 30mg)$59.50 (30 count, 30mg)
CBD Vape Oils$30.00 to $32.00 (200mg)$25.50 to $27.20 (200mg)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

CBDistillery ships orders to customers all across the United States. CBDistillery doesn’t ship internationally or to military addresses at this time.

Once orders finish processing, they’re typically shipped out within two business days via DHL. Afterward, they’re delivered to your address using by USPS. You will be emailed a USPS tracking number to know when you should anticipate your order. The length of time it takes your package to arrive depends on the shipping method you decided on while checking out. USPS priority shipping arrives within two to three days. Meanwhile, USPS Standard packages will arrive in three to seven business days.

Customers who spend $75 or more get free standard shipping.

Company Information

Company History
CBDistillery was founded in Colorado in 2016 and is a member of the National Hemp Association (NHA).

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Physical Stores
CBDistillery is available online and through more than 1,500 retailers nationwide.

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