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The Bottom Line.

  • CBDfx sells a wide variety of full spectrum CBD products including gummies, vape juices, CBD oils, and topicals such as creams and serums.
  • CBDfx offers a permanent 20% off coupon to verified first responders and military members.
  • All U.S. orders $80 and above are shipped for free by CBDfx.

General Overview


  • CBDfx offers an exceptionally large full spectrum CBD product selection that includes gummies, vape juices, capsules, concentrates, sublingual strips, drinks, CBD oils, CBD pet products, and topicals such as creams, face masks, and serums.
  • CBDfx uses the eco-friendly supercritical CO2 extraction method to produce clean, full spectrum CBD products free from trace chemicals and residues.
  • CBDfx offers a permanent 20% off coupon to first responders and military members that can verify their identity online.


  • While CBDfx mentions that their hemp is farmed organically, they do not provide much information about who farms their hemp, or what farming practices they use.
  • CBDfx only sells hemp CBD products, so customers wanting combined CBD and THC products where they are legal will have to shop from another CBD retailer.
  • CBDfx offers free shipping via USPS on orders of any size, but delivery isn’t guaranteed with this option.

Quick Summary

CBDfx is located in Southern California and was founded in 2014. They are known for their wide variety of CBD products and often lead the market when it comes to new product development.

CBDfx offers CBD vape juice, gummies, tinctures, capsules, oils, drinks, edibles, topicalsvape pens and kits, and CBD products for pets.

Take a Look at the CBDfx Product Line Up

  • CBD Vape Juice — The CBD vape juice comes in multiple potencies, formulations, and interesting flavors such as fruity cereal and strawberry jelly donut.
  • CBD Gummies — The gummies are sweet gummy candies that contain CBD, with some products containing other active ingredients such as melatonin or spirulina.
  • CBD Tinctures — CBDfx CBD tinctures are CBD oils that can be ingested through drops put directly into the mouth or into food or drink.
  • CBD Capsules — The CBD capsules are soft gel pills filled with full spectrum CBD oil.
  • CBD Oils — CBDfx CBD oil comes in two types: one that is meant to be inhaled through a vape pen or other vaporizer, and another that can be ingested under the tongue.
  • CBD Drinks. The CBD drink offerings include two “shots,” which are small, fruit-flavored drinks that contain CBD.
  • CBD Terpenes. CBDfx offers vape oils that contain full spectrum CBD with a higher concentration of terpenes than other CBD vape oils.
  • CBD Edibles. In addition to CBD gummies, tinctures, and capsules, CBDfx also sells CBD strips that may be taken orally.
  • CBD Topicals. CBDx offers a wide variety of topical CBD products including balms, face masks, face cleanser, massage oil, face serum, and cream.
  • CBD Vape Pens & Kits. Disposable vape pens come pre-filled with CBD vape oil in a variety of flavors. Refillable vape kits are also available.
  • CBD for Pets. Pet CBD oils come in concentrations suitable for small, medium, and large dogs and cats.

Technical Details

What You Need to Know About CBDfx CBD Products

Product Offerings

CategoryVape Juice/OilGummiesTinctures/OilsCapsulesDrinksTerpenesStripsTopicals
Concentration8.3 mg/mL
12 mg/mL
16.7 mg/mL
33.3 mg/mL
50 mg/mL
5 mg per gummy16.7 mg/mL
33.3 mg/mL
50 mg/mL
25 mg per capsule20 mg per shot
.68 mg/mL
50 mg per disposable pen
8.3 mg/mL vape refills
15 mg per strip

25 mg per strip

20 mg per face mask
Other topicals range from 3 mg/mL to 14.8 mg/mL
CBD Extraction MethodFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull SpectrumFull Spectrum
Appearance and FlavorThe vape juice comes in a variety of flavors such as blue raspberry, fruity cereal, and rainbow candy.The gummies look like sugar-covered gummy candies and come in a variety of colors and flavors such as juicy lemon and mixed berry.The tinctures are brown oils that come plain and with flavors such as blueberry pineapple lemon.The capsules are dark brown soft gels with no flavor.The shots are liquid and come in lemonade and berry flavors.The high-terpene vape pens and refills smell and taste like classic cannabis plants without the THC.Sublingual strips are small and dissolve under the tongue with a minty flavor.Topicals come in face masks, oils, and creams, and are often smell like the essential oils and flower botanicals they’re blended with.
THC Content< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC< 0.3% THC
Ideal CustomerVape juices are ideal for customers who prefer to inhale their CBD and like flavored products.Gummies are a good choice for customers who want to take CBD orally, but don’t like CBD oils.Tinctures work well for customers who want to be able to create precise doses of CBD.Capsules are ideal for customers who want to take their CBD quickly and orally without having to taste anything.CBD shots work well for customers who enjoy fruity flavors and drinking their CBD.High-terpene CBD products are good for customers that vape and enjoy the smell and flavor of hemp and cannabis.Strips work well for people who want to quickly and easily ingest CBD, especially in public or on the go.Topicals are a good choice for customers wanting to integrate CBD into their skincare routine.

Materials and Sourcing

CBDfx is an American CBD company that was founded in 2014. CBDfx states that their CBD products are manufactured in Southern California using hemp grown in the U.S. Although their products do not appear to be certified organic, they note that the hemp they use is organically-grown.

CBDfx uses supercritical CO2 extraction and provides detailed information about how this process is superior to solvent-based extraction processes. “Supercritical” CO2 is carbon dioxide that has been cooled. It is similar to a liquid, but isn’t technically a liquid or gas. Applying CO2 in its supercritical form to hemp in carefully-controlled tanks allows CBDfx to extract CBD and other endocannabinoids without using a solvent.

CBD products produced using chemical solvents such as ethanol or butane can potentially contain heavy metals and trace chemicals most people probably don’t want to ingest. Supercritical CO2 extraction doesn’t leave traces, so it is considered one of the purest and cleanest forms of CBD extraction.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is also considered more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than other extraction types. Carbon dioxide is found abundantly in our air and atmosphere, so it can be easily obtained. Once the extraction process is complete, the CO2 gas can be released back into the air without the addition of pollution.


CBDfx products undergo third-party testing conducted by PharmLabs San Diego. CBDfx is transparent with product testing results and shares online lab reports of all product testing conducted.

CBDfx product lab reports contain a “Cannabinoid Profile Analysis” for each product. This analysis reports the total amount of THC and CBD in the product, as well as amounts of specific cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBN, and CBG. This analysis helps ensure that the potency listed on CBDfx product labels matches what is actually in the product. It also demonstrates that their products contain very little THC.

Some lab reports, such as those for capsules and tinctures, contain pass/fail information about the presence of potential contaminants. The contaminants tested include solvents, microbials, mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. Actual levels of these items is not included in the reports. Lab reports for other products, such as vape oils and gummies, do not contain this information.

Flavor and Appearance

All of the CBDfx CBD products are full spectrum, so they contain multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in addition to CBD. Some of the products are raw, so those also contain CBDa. Full spectrum CBD products are generally darker in color, ranging from light to dark brown depending on their concentration. They also have a stronger hemp smell than other CBD products.

Many of the CBDfx products have additional ingredients that mask or alter the hemp smell and flavor, however. CBDfx vape juices come in Blue Raspberry, Fruity Cereal, Strawberry Kiwi, and other flavors, for example. Gummies are sweetened with cane sugar and come in flavors such as Juicy Lemon and Agave Berry. Shots are sweetened with sucralose and come in lemonade and berry flavors. Customers report especially enjoying the shots when they are cold.

CBDfx capsules and topicals are available for customers who don’t want to taste hemp or a sweet, fruity flavor. Capsules are flavorless soft gelcaps. The CBDfx CBD topicals line contains creams, serums, and face masks that look and smell similar to their non-CBD-containing counterparts sold at beauty stores.


CBDfx CBD products are available in a wide variety of formulations and potencies. The most potent product is the vape juice. These products are meant to be added to other vape juices and vaped.

Although less potent, CBDfx CBD tinctures, capsules, shots, and gummies allow customers to more precisely measure out the dose they desire compared to vape juice and CBD concentrate. Tinctures are CBD oils that come with an eyedropper that makes it simple to get the exact desired amount. Capsules, shots, and gummies come in discrete amounts, so calculating how much CBD is ingested is made fairly easy.

All CBDfx products are made up of less than .3% THC, which is required by law. Their lab reports show that most of their products contain much less than .3% THC. For example, the most recent gummy lab report showed THC showing up in .04 parts per million, which is virtually 0% of the total product.

Pricing and Discounts

Standard PricePrice Discount (15% OFF)
CBD Vape Juice$29.99 (250 mg)
$44.99 (500 mg)
$74.99 (1,000 mg)
$25.49 (250 mg)
$38.24 (500 mg)
$63.74 (1,000 mg)
CBD Terpenes Oil$49.99 (250 mg)
$69.99 (500 mg)
$42.49 (250 mg)
$59.49 (500 mg)
CBD E-Liquid$39.99 (250 mg)
$59.99 (500 mg)
$99.99 (1,000 mg)
$33.99 (250 mg)
$50.99 (500 mg)
$84.99 (1,000 mg)
CBD Oil Vape Additive$19.99 (60 mg)
$34.99 (120 mg)
$59.99 (300 mg)
$74.99 (500 mg)
$16.99 (60 mg)
$29.74 (120 mg)
$50.00 (300 mg)
$63.74 (500 mg)
CBD Gummies$9.99 (40 mg)
$49.99 (300 mg)
$8.49 (40 mg)
$42.49 (300 mg)
CBD Tinctures$59.99 (500 mg)
$99.99 (1,000 mg)
$119.99 (1,500 mg)
$50.99 (500 mg)
$84.99 (1,000 mg)
$101.99 (1,500 mg)
CBD Capsules$19.99 (200 mg)
$59.99 (750 mg)
$16.99 (200 mg)
$50.99 (750 mg)
CBD Vape Pens$14.99 (30 mg)
$19.99 (50 mg)
$12.74 (30 mg)
$16.99 (50 mg)
CBD Shots$6.99 (20 mg)
$11.98 (40 mg)
$5.94 (20 mg)
$10.18 (40 mg)
CBD Sublingual Strips$9.99 (15 mg)
$19.99 (25 mg)
$8.49 (15 mg)
$16.99 (25 mg)
CBD Topicals$6.99 (20 mg)
$39.99 (50 mg)
$39.99 (150 mg)
$99.99 (250 mg)
$5.94 (20 mg)
$33.99 (50 mg)
$33.99 (150 mg)
$84.99 (250 mg)
CBD for Pets$29.99 (150 mg)
$44.99 (300 mg)
$69.99 (600 mg)
$25.49 (150 mg)
$38.24 (300 mg)
$59.49 (600 mg)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

CBDfx CBD products are offered online to individual customers and wholesale. CBDfx does not have any brick and mortar stores, but their products are carried in many vape stores. They do not list which stores carry their products on their website.

CBDfx ships to all 50 states and to some places internationally. They use USPS and FedEx for U.S. shipping. Free shipping is available on U.S. orders of $80 or more. Orders are typically packed and shipped within two days of the order being placed online. They share estimated shipping dates at checkout, but these dates are not guaranteed.

Customers may select how they would like their order shipped. Free shipping is offered for CBDfx purchases of any price sent via USPS, but CBDfx cannot guarantee delivery or be held liable for lost deliveries if you select this option. Shipping via FedEx is guaranteed. Tracking information is emailed regardless of how your order is being shipped.

Company Information

Company History
CBDfx launched in late 2014.

Physical Stores
CBDfx does not operate any brick and mortar locations, but their product is sold in many vape shops.

Contact CBDfx
[email protected] | 1-888-991-7471 | CBDfx.com

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